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Job Market Heat Map

Apr 2020

Trish Bruno

Stay In Tune

As we all traverse the ever-changing landscape we want to pass along a useful tool which provides access to detailed information on the labor market’s response to COVID-19 in real time.

Emsi, serving as labor market advisors to leaders in higher education, business, and community development since 2001, has built a handy dashboard where you can track active job posting trends by day, week and month and compare to 2019 averages. Within the tool you can also filter by region, industry, occupation, company, job title and skill.

With this helpful tool, you can see who is hiring, identify which skills are in demand, and analyze relevant trends.

Collectively as a nation and as humankind we are all facing new territory in our professional and personal lives. Whether you are looking for your next hire or your next dream job, staying on top of the latest data will help you navigate timely trends, provide you with details to make informed decisions, and enable you to ‘hit the ground running’ when the time comes!

Try the tool: Emsi Jobs Dashboard

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