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Assistant Vice President For Financial Services


Our higher education client was in need of an Assistant Vice President for Financial Services. After 2.5 years of the responsibilities of the role being managed by others on the team, it was time for our client to find an accomplished leader to take the reins and resume the role. 


Due to a gap in succession planning, our client did not have any available internal talent to assess who were ready to take on the responsibilities. Given the complexity of the technical requirements, the breadth of departments overseen, and the need for nuanced managerial and leadership skills, Another Source entered the recruitment with a high bar. 


After receiving a total of 13 applicants, our recruiter leveraged heavy sourcing tactics to create a passive pool. Our outreach resulted in a pool of 76 targeted individuals, ultimately lead to our client’s hire. 


Our client met with 4 candidates, and ultimately decided on an individual who was contacted by our recruiter.  The new Assistant Vice President for Financial Services brought a strong track record in collaborative leadership with 20 years of comparable experience within the same higher education system. Our client found their new leader.

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