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Large Manufacturing Company - Recruiting for Manufacturing Industry


This large manufacturing company in Central Washington state needed to support its rapid growth by hiring more than 20 key positions within sales, accounting, and everything in between.

The Challenge

The manufacturing company’s small HR team wanted to provide best-in-class recruitment support, but was hindered by the local area’s limited candidate pool. Without hiring this key talent, they wouldn’t be able to secure more orders and grow their manufacturing operation. The snowball effect would be lacking the capacity to take on bigger customers, leaving them vulnerable to larger competitors.

The Solution

For help with the recruiting process, the HR team turned to Another Source. By listening closely to their team and hiring manager, our Talent Strategists gained insight into the company culture and developed an effective recruiting strategy. We tailored job descriptions and targeted specific manufacturing industry groups and geographical locations outside Central Washington that we felt would be a good match for this company.

The Result

After the first candidate search returned an excellent candidate pool, this manufacturing company’s HR team continued to partner with Another Source for additional searches. We have completed 20 successful recruiting campaigns in all, helping the company fill many key positions and continue as a formidable competitor in its industry niche.

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