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The Vice President of Operations at this medium-sized advertising agency was charged with recruiting a new Digital Marketing Manager, a tough-to-find position that is essential for driving marketing-qualified leads. While trying to fill this role, he was being taken away from day-to-day tasks crucial to driving the business forward.

The Challenge

After depleting the firm’s internal network of referrals for Digital Marketing Manager, the VP knew they could no longer put valuable internal resources into sourcing candidates. They needed to return to building the agency’s business and spend any further recruiting time selecting the right candidate.

The Solution

The client decided to hand off the entire recruiting effort to Another Source. We stepped in and swept the nation with our proprietary recruiting process for ad agencies, getting their full background and vetting them all before narrowing them down to just a small group of high quality talent. In a tight-knit industry fraught with turnover, this saved the client invaluable time.

The Result

Another Source was able to quickly recruit a stellar candidate that exceeded all the client’s expectations. Throughout the process, the VP was able to remain focused on their priorities rather than getting bogged down in fruitless talent acquisition, which helped the agency go on to meet the needs of their client.

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