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After reviewing its growth plans for the year, senior-level management at MindTouch, a software as a service organization in San Diego, set out to hire a group of five Sales Account Executives in the first quarter.

The Challenge

In the software industry, competition for good talent is fierce to begin with. Tasked with finding a handful of eligible A-players within a tight timeline, MindTouch wanted a recruiting partner that would focus on identifying, attracting, and engaging local talent.

The Solution

When MindTouch turned to Another Source for help, our Talent Strategists were able to build a modified recruitment program based on a six-week timeframe, rather than the standard three-week engagement, using MindTouch’s employer brand and multiple distribution points to attract both passive and active seekers.

The Result

Another Source applied an all-hands-on-deck approach, creating a go-to-market recruitment strategy that quickly generated great quality candidates, all while keeping the client’s team on track with hiring. By the end of the six-week recruiting program, MindTouch had successfully made five new hires, with additional candidates in the pipeline for the next round of hiring.

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