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This mission-critical non-profit organization was working to fight hunger in Washington State. To that end, it needed to fill two newly-created positions in senior administration that would significantly impact the organization.

The Challenge

With limited financial and labor resources available for recruiting, their hiring team hadn’t been able to craft a story that engaged the right candidates—driven more by the mission than by lucrative compensation packages. Because the new positions would require wearing many hats, candidates needed to have the right combination of skills and experience, too.

The Solution

After the non-profit’s hiring team decided to partner with Another Source for help recruiting administration candidates, our Talent Strategists created a go-to-market strategy that included crafting a story and finding and engaging the right talent. We leveraged local and national job boards, identified non-profit influencers to help spread the word, and screened candidates to find ones whose goals aligned with the organization and had a realistic expectation around its financial resources.

The Result

In less than 30 days, Another Source delivered candidate pools that allowed this non-profit’s hiring managers to identify and hire candidates for both positions. Throughout the recruiting process, the executive director and the hiring managers were freed up to focus on their mission.

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