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For 30 years we’ve been helping our clients focus on what’s most important in the recruitment cycle—the people.


PeopleMatch Profiler: The Recruiting Process That Put Us on the Map
Identifying and engaging the right candidates takes time and expertise. When you partner with us, we use our proven strategies to recruit and build a personalized pool of candidates whose experience, goals, and motivators align with your needs. This way, you can concentrate your efforts on selecting and hiring the best team members for your organization.

Our time-based, 21- and 30-day programs are focused and efficient, allowing you to move quickly to identify talent for key positions. Our costs are billed up front, there’s never an additional fee, and the results of your candidate pool are guaranteed. In fact, 97% of the time our candidate pools exceed expectations. What sets apart? We charge an affordable and reasonable fee up front, and that’s it. There is no buy out fee, no fee for hire, no mark ups, and we don’t work on commissions.

It’s all thanks to our proprietary process which takes your story and goals into consideration, and matches them with the goals of the best talent we can find across the country.


Diversity Sourcing: Building High Performing Teams
At our core, we believe that diverse teams are the strongest teams. Another Source partners with you to provide expert insight and best practices around diversity sourcing. We offer an enhanced diversity sourcing strategy – custom designed for each role – to complement your current recruitment efforts. With options for diversity-focused job distribution, one-to-one outreach, and/or one-to-one direct sourcing of candidates, we’re committed to your success by learning your diversity and inclusion initiatives and helping you build the most productive teams.

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Recruiting Fees

Service Your Investment
PeopleMatch Profiler $4500-$9500 (Industry Dependent)
Diversity Sourcing $2500
ResuMatch $900-$1200

*Another Source offers a discount to help nonprofits attract talent and expedite the recruitment process. For pricing details, please reach out using the contact form below.

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