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Inspiration & Insights to Win the War for Talent

Is your organization struggling to attract top talent? Is your recruitment process slow, bulky, and driving applicants away? Are your hiring managers struggling to make the time to focus on recruitment?

Learn from Another Source CEO Marcie Glenn, a higher education and non profit search consultant leading innovative recruiting solutions to help companies compete in and win the war for talent.

Through engaging and interactive keynote sessions, Marcie shares hard-earned insights and best practices to help teams overcome obstacles in their recruiting process.

Topics include...

Artificial Intelligence (AI) & the Recruitment Process

“The future of ChatGPT and the hiring process.”

Hiring managers should shift from an approach that screens candidates out to instead screening candidates in. This session reviews how we can utilize AI to open the recruitment funnel as well as explore creative ways of assessing a candidate’s skills.


Culture Add Trumps Culture Fit

“Making the paradigm shift to identify talent that contributes to your organization.”

New people bring new perspectives. Most hiring managers are overly focused on finding talent to FIT. Let’s make the paradigm shift: Go beyond finding people who “fit” the culture and find candidates who add to the culture. What new perspectives could a dynamic new hire add to the organization? How can we challenge our own biases as hiring managers to embrace the emerging workforce to find the best talent?


Deconstructing Hiring Myths: The Lies We Tell Ourselves

“Breaking Through Common Misconceptions to Attract & Engage the Best Talent.”

In this campfire session we’ll discuss the lies that we’ve told ourselves and each other about hiring. We’ll find the truth behind the myths holding hiring teams back from attracting, engaging, and hiring awesome talent.


Generational Diversity and the Hiring Process

“Keys to developing an inclusive hiring process and workplace culture.”

Traditionalists, Baby boomers, Gen X, Millennials and Gen Z – oh my! Today’s workforce is where worlds collide and more now than ever. As hiring needs and workplace values evolve, we must adapt to navigate the opportunities and challenges of a multi-generational workforce.


Hiring Efficiently During a Labor Shortage

“Navigating hiring during times of uncertainty.”

Uncertain times call for new strategies. As we rethink our business models in today’s environment, we must approach hiring from a brand-new lens. Recruiting with efficiency is the name of the game, but we must tackle challenges with a comprehensive strategy. Let’s discuss how to navigate uncertainty in recruitment and resource hiring managers to focus on what matters: maximizing the recruitment process and selecting the best candidates.


How to Build Hiring Teams

“Effective strategies to maximize the hiring process.”

Learn best practices to develop a strategic hiring plan that aligns with your values and vision. Today’s environment is one with new ideals and workplace values; having a strategic approach to hiring is key. From the selection of search committees to optimizing feedback during the interview process to effectively building recruitment funnels, it’s important to align your strategic hiring plan to attract and retain talent which aligns with your values.

Flowers in Chania

About Marcie

As a dynamic speaker and CEO of Another Source since 2006, Marcie has led the company through significant growth, specializing in the higher education and nonprofit sectors. Beginning their career at Ernst & Young, they honed skills in sales and outsourcing, crucial in expanding Another Source’s reach.

Her leadership has garnered an impressive client roster, including Stanford University, the University of California System, California State University System, University of Massachusetts, Kalamazoo College, Colgate University, Southern Methodist University, Washington State University, University of Washington, and The Claremont Colleges. Another Source is renowned for its Time-Based Recruiting and Fixed-Fee Pricing, and offering guaranteed results for diverse institutions.

Recognized with the “Most Progressive & Inclusive Recruitment Process 2023-West Coast” award, Marcie is committed to inclusive recruitment practices. As a certified Diversity Sourcing Specialist, they focus on dismantling systemic inequalities in recruiting.

Her leadership style, influenced by a background in competitive tennis, emphasizes not just business growth but also a positive work environment. This philosophy has led to Another Source being named a “Best Company to Work For.”

Marcie is passionate about revolutionizing recruitment processes with innovative and inclusive solutions, tailored to meet unique organizational needs.

Recruiting Industry Thought Leadership

Past Events

  • November 2023: Co-Presenter with Joseph Pearson, Central Washington University, NACAS C3X
  • June 2023: Guest, Beacon Pointe Institutional Insight
  • May 2023: Guest, The Matt Brown Show
  • March 2023: Guest, Making Change Podcast
  • January 2023: AOA Annual Conference
  • May 2022: Guest, Shrimp Tank Podcast
  • April 2022: CSU Business Conference, Shifting the Perspective on Finding the Right Talent
  • February 2022: Central Washington University, All-Campus Recruitment Summit Part 2
  • February 2022: Stanford Dean of Leadership Series, Shifting the Perspective on Finding the Right Talent
  • November 2021: Central Washington University, All-Campus Recruitment Summit
  • February 2020: Vistage Seattle, Keynote Speaker
  • December 2019: NextGen Family Business Leadership, Keynote Speaker
  • November 2019: Vistage Spokane, Keynote Speaker
  • June 2019:  Vistage Seattle, Keynote Speaker
  • May 2019: Greater Washington HERC Symposium, Featured Speaker
  • March 2019: Washington State SHRM Conference, Featured Speaker
  • January 2019:  California State University, Auxiliary Organizations Association (AOA), Featured Speaker
  • October 2018: Apple Valley Human Resource Association, Keynote Speaker
  • October 2018: Vistage Seattle, Keynote Speaker
  • April 2018: CUPA Arizona, Breakout Session Speaker
  • February 2018: Vistage Seattle, Keynote Speaker
  • July  2017:  CUPA Washington, Breakout Session Speaker
  • June 2017:  Vistage Seattle, Keynote Speaker
  • June 2017:  CUPA HR, Rocky Mountain Chapter Annual Meeting, Breakout Session Speaker
  • April 2017:  San Diego HR Roundtable, Lunch Series, Keynote Speaker
  • March 2017:  Equinox Business Law Breakfast Series,  Keynote Speaker
  • November 2016:  CUPA HR, Oregon Chapter Fall Meeting, Keynote Speaker
  • July 2016:  CUPA HR, Washington Annual Meeting, Breakout Session Speaker
  • May 2016: Marcie Glenn appears on Critical Mass Radio with host Richard Franzi for the third time.
  • December 2015:  Marcie Glenn and Samson Blackwell host HERC webinar.
  • May 2014:  Marcie Glenn appears on Critical Mass Radio Show.
  • June 2012: Another Source Named to 100 Best Companies to Work For, Seattle Business Magazine
  • June 2010: Puget Sound Business Journal’s 40 Under 40 Honoree. This is the region’s premier award program that spotlights the top business leaders under the age of 40 who excel in their industry and show dynamic leadership.
  • May 2010: Small Business Community Service Award Winner in three categories, Association of Washington Business

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