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UC Merced had several vacancies in their Accounting department, including the Director of Campus Accounting, Senior Accountant, Accountant 3, and Accountant 4. Leadership enlisted Another Source to create a robust candidate pool, ensuring the University was able to identify great talent as they built out their team.

The Challenge

Initially, these roles were open to candidates within the state of California. The talent pool was, however, still limited even with these parameters. Adding to the complexity was the fact that a number of qualified candidates for the Director of Campus Accounting role had received other offers.

The Solution

While the university had anticipated the Director position would be a difficult recruitment, we built out a strong pool exceeding their expectations. Moreover, the pool for the senior accounting roles was opened to yet more qualified candidates by broadening the search to include talent outside of California.

The Result

We partnered together to move quickly so UC Merced could extend an offer to the top candidate for the Director of Campus Accounting. The volume of applicants greatly increased with the updated requirements for the senior accountant positions. By opening the door to more qualified talent, the university also extended offers to two candidates who were out of state.



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