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Assistant Director of Alumni Community Engagement


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The University of Puget Sound was looking to fill the role of Assistant Director of Alumni Community Engagement after the person previously in the role was internally promoted. As liaison between the university and alumni network, this individual would need strong communication, customer service skills, and relationship building. The position would also be responsible for leading efforts for affinity groups – shared interest and identity-based communities – and planning the executive signature event, the Summer Reunion Weekend.

The Challenge

As the position went to market, the hiring team found that the requirements of the role were not aligning with the individuals expressing interest. There was a mismatch between the title of the position, how the university was classifying it, and the level of experience needed. Approaching one month into their search, the pool of candidates in the area did not look very promising.

The Solution

Based on conversations with the hiring managers, Another Source determined an externally-facing title that did not require the university to reclassify the position. Equipped with the more aligned title, we recalibrated the posting strategy for the role, doubling outreach efforts to targeted groups such as alumni and parent relations and affinity groups. In total, we reached out to over one hundred different job boards.

The Result

Adjusting the sourcing strategy resulted in more than 200 passive candidates being engaged during the recruitment. The hiring team had much greater choice in their candidate pool and were feeling confident in the finalists we presented. At the tail end of the recruitment, University of Puget Sound extended an offer to an individual with the combined community and event expertise needed.


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