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Kalamazoo College was searching for a Clinical Counseling Director. This crucial role would work directly with students in a mental health capacity, delivering high-quality, evidence-based, and culturally sensitive services to students. The individual in this leadership position would ensure efficient and equitable clinical services such as individual and group counseling, consultation, and crisis intervention while fostering strong relationships with communities of color.

The Challenge

Another Source was engaged because the immediate geographical area would not present enough candidates to give the hiring team choice. Kalamazoo is 50 miles away from the larger city of Grand Rapids, and the availability of candidates with the requisite qualifications was very small.

The Solution

Knowing that this position would require very specialized skills, we crafted outreach that shared not only the role but also the mission of Kalamazoo College and the relocation benefits. We expanded the search across the country, leveraging many different outlets – including specialized job boards, social media groups, and LISTSERVs. Additionally, we reached out directly to influencers in the space to spread the word about the role.

The Result

Through this comprehensive approach, Another Source expanded the candidate pool so that Kalamazoo College had more choice. We were able to present the team with a local candidate whose qualifications exceeded the role requirements and whose passion for student wellness aligned with the goals of the Counseling Center.


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