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Chico State University was seeking to hire an Associate Vice President for Enrollment Management in their Enrollment Management department. The staff member who was currently in the role was planning to retiretime of was the essence. 

The Challenge

Two challenges faced us in this searchtime and location.  With time being a challenge, the team needed to identify build a strategy that engaged a diverse and robust candidate pool that was willing to relocate in a relatively short time frame.  The location of institution was in a remote area, making it challenging to attract candidates who live in larger metro areas or who had never been to this beautiful small college town.  A story needed to be crafted.   

The Solution

The university’s leadership team and Human Resources department partnered with Another Source on this search to build out a robust candidate pool. The Talent Strategists pinpointed the challenges of the position during the intake meeting, created a sourcing strategy to identify passive enrollment management professionals who fit the qualifications, and who’s career goals would align with the vision of the institution and goals of the department.  Marketing the role through alumni, taking on grassroots efforts via industry user groups and ensuring broad distribution of the role to create awareness across the enrollment community. 

The Result

The Another Source team built out a strong candidate pool that highlighted strong, experienced leaders within enrollment management. They were also able to partner with the Human Resources team, supporting them with technology to attract and collect candidates. During the interview process, the university’s leadership team evaluated multiple candidates in the pool that were pre-qualified by our Talent Strategists, which led them to eventually select and successfully hire one of those individualsAnother Source was able to overcome the barrier of the remote location and time restraint, all while creating a lasting partnership with a client who now has a successful hire in a key leadership role at the university.  

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