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University Financial Services Department - Recruiting for Higher Education & Finance Professionals


The Corporate Financial Services Department at this large, prestigious higher education institution had ongoing recruiting needs for roles in Payroll, Procurement, Travel, and Accounting that were consuming valuable time and resources.

The Challenge

Faced with competing job priorities, hiring managers within the Financial Services Department had limited bandwidth for recruiting. They needed to hire candidates who would be a good fit for their dynamic campus environment. Delays in getting these positions filled risked affecting many of the university’s core operations.

The Solution

The Financial Services Department took the opportunity to partner with Another Source for their recruiting needs. Our Talent Strategists came on board and embedded with them as part of their team. We took the lead by tracking and screening all internal and external candidates for them, implementing our proprietary recruiting strategies to find the best possible talent, including sourcing from outside of the education sector.

The Result

Another Source has now successfully partnered with this department on over 80 searches, proving to be an essential part of their organization. We’ve delivered excellent candidate pools while shortening time-to-hire, freeing hiring managers to focus on their day jobs and apply their expertise to selecting the best candidates for their group.

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