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Another Source Awarded Most Progressive & Inclusive Recruitment Process

Jun 2023

Marcie Glenn

Another Source has received the award for “Most Progressive & Inclusive Recruitment Process – 2023 – West Coast”! Our team is excited and honored to receive this recognition. 

Our commitment at Another Source

As we announced in June 2020, Another Source is committed to dismantling systemic inequality in recruiting. We are dedicated to continued learning and holding ourselves accountable for these goals: 

  1. Provide a visible, quarterly report on our growth and understandings as well as our diversity recruitment efforts on our website. 
  2. Create awareness and educate our partners, clients, candidates, and community on diversity recruitment best practices. 
  3. Share talent pool demographics with hiring teams pre- and post-engagement. 

Additionally, we have established our commitment to dismantling systemic inequality in recruiting as one of our 2023 strategic initiatives. We take our commitment seriously and have woven it into our strategic focus as an organization. Identifying a committee representing various roles across the organization to ensure that we continue to: 

  1. Create action and hold ourselves accountable. 
  2. Continue with tactical training.
  3. Have dedicated dialogue around diversity recruitment. 

We will continue to share updates on our progress toward dismantling systemic inequality in recruiting. 

Now in its seventh year, the Business Excellence Awards recognize the most innovative companies.

Now in its seventh year, the Business Excellence Awards recognize the most innovative companies.

About the award

Based in the UK, Acquisition International (AI) is a monthly business magazine that brings timely news and analysis to over 85,000 professionals, including top-tier leaders, advisors, investors, and service providers. 

The Business Excellence Awards are a merit-based program that rewards businesses who demonstrate innovation and excellence within their respective industries. 2023 marks the awards’ seventh anniversary.  

The AI team spends six weeks conducting market research and identifying relevant firms. While some companies are nominated by a third party, Another Source was nominated directly by Acquisition International. Subsequent voting for each category is open to the extensive database at AI, as well as their 1.6 million website visitors.  

Our thanks to Acquisition International for including us as a winner of the 7th Annual Business Excellence Awards. You can find the official press release here and view the Awards Directory in its entirety. 

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