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The War For Talent

Tell Me More, Tell Me Why

As a recruiter, people often ask me, “What’s the best way to know you’re hiring the right person? ” Well, that’s a great question but to be honest, there is no “magic wand” for finding the right person but there are some helpful tools that allow us to do a… Read More

8 Hires Using Shared Services Approach

Case Study: 8 Hires using Shared Services Approach   Overview Arizona’s largest community college district launched an aggressive strategic initiative to centralize its marketing efforts, moving strategy and decision-making from the separate campuses to the district office. Led by the Strategic Director of Marketing and Operations, the initiative required the… Read More

Five Things to Do Before You Hire A Recruiter

Today’s hiring market is more complex than ever. To reach the right candidates for your open positions, are you thinking like a recruiter from the beginning of your candidate search? The market now demands that everyone in the business owns the role of a recruiter, not just HR. Why… Read More

Competing With The Gig Economy

As this article shows, freelancers are now accounting for nearly 36 percent of the US workforce in arguably one of the most competitive job markets of all time.  In fact, hiring managers tell us that they now often find themselves reviewing resumes that build on freelance… Read More