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Another Source Statement of Support for the AAPI Community

Apr 2021

Marcie Glenn

This past year has seen an increase in racist and xenophobic statements and acts targeted towards the Asian American and Pacific Islander communities. Inflammatory rhetoric and acts of violence against AAPI must be addressed. 

Another Source condemns these attacks and stands in solidarity with the AAPI community.  

As a leader in recruiting with a focus on diversity, equity and inclusion within recruiting, we believe that diverse teams create the most productive, successful teams. Our daily practices exemplify our commitment to the outreach and engagement of inclusive talent pools. We believe in combatting AAPI hate by facilitating safe, inclusive conversations with all team members, clients, applicants, candidates and members of our community. We encourage our partners to stand up and speak out against harmful rhetoric and take steps to form more diverse and equitable organizations. We also understand that we are always learning, and will continue to strive to do better and to build a kinder and more inclusive company.  

If you would like to provide feedback or begin a conversation with us, please reach out at We welcome any opportunity to discuss, grow and learn.

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