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Beacon Pointe Podcast – Institutional Insight

Jun 2023

Marcie Glenn

How do you position your organization as an employer of choice? 

Our Chief Talent Strategist & CEO, Marcie Glenn, recently spoke with host Jesse Crane, ICS Business Development Manager at Beacon Pointe, on “The Future of Hiring: Trends, Tactics, and Strategies to Stay Ahead in the Evolving Recruitment Universe.”  

In this informative interview, Marcie addresses: 

  • The myth that employers aren’t “offering enough remote” days 
  • How hiring teams can open the recruitment funnel for candidates 
  • The ways you can be intentional in structuring your job requirements 

Enjoy this insight-filled conversation on these topics and more in the full video! 

Show notes

Host Jesse Crane, Business Development Manager, Beacon Pointe Institutional Consulting Group interviews Marcie Glenn, CEO & Chief Talent Strategist of Another Source on the topic of how to position your organization as an employer of choice. 

  • Overview of Another Source
    • As your recruiting partner, we oversee the front-end of the recruitment by sourcing and interviewing qualified candidates.
    • We share the strengths of the hiring team/organization with applicants.
    • Our focus is on mid-level to AVP-level roles.
  • What are the current trends in recruiting?
    • Higher education and non-profits in particular have witnessed many retirements in recent years.
    • Simultaneously, budget cuts due to lower enrollment rates and wage growth are impacting hiring teams.
    • There are layoffs, but often these are headline-driven and not as numerous as suggested.
    • Ongoing population shortage: There are not enough people, demographically speaking, to fill the volume of jobs available.
  • Are there any trends that have surprised you?
    • The continuation of hybrid as a hot button topic.
      • We have found in our interactions with candidates that remote work is not the number one motivator in the job search.
      • “Not offering enough remote days” is a myth – what’s more important is how you market and clarify what is meant by hybrid work at your organization. 
    • Creating choice with candidates
      • We like to focus on what is in the hiring manager’s control. What are some practical things they can do to open the recruitment funnel?
        • Are there any requirements in the job description that can be loosened?
        • Can this position be moved to a different tier?
      • Reassessing the more conventional ways of understanding candidates (i.e. resumes and cover letters)
        • Can cover letters be a barrier if the job does not focus on writing skills?
        • How are you marketing the role externally?
  • Artificial intelligence (AI) and ChatGPT in recruitment
    • Can you tell if a cover letter was written by ChatGPT? Conversational AI has made it harder and harder to distinguish.
    • Is there a difference between hiring someone to write your resume (in the past) or ChatGPT writing it?
      • We are wary because technology is involved
      • In fact, tools like ChatGPT can help create equity in the application process
  • What are some alternatives to cover letters?
    • It’s important to think of something as being a tool vs. weapon.
      • A tool should be used consistently, people are trained to use, and provides additional information about a candidate.
      • This is why we frequently use case studies here at Another Source.
  • Are there any other topics you would like to leave us with?
    • As you begin a recruitment, look at what could close your funnel.
      • Are people self-selecting out?
      • Are your current requirements too stringent?
    • What are we using to assess candidates? 

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