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Resource: Diversity Recruiter Central Video Series

Jun 2020

Marcie Glenn

In our ongoing effort to implement the best and most formidable recruitment strategies, our team has embarked on enhancing our knowledge and skill set with diversity recruiting and want to share a recent experience and resource that we found useful.  

We sought online information to act as a discussion piece for our team to train on. We encountered a video series on a YouTube channel titled,  “Diversity Recruiter Central”, hosted by Jennifer Tardy who has “vast industry experience as a Recruiting Thought Leader, Diversity Practitioner, and Career Success Coach with over 14 years of experience in the field of human resources and recruiting.”. We found the videos engaging and embarked on a two month team discussion to flush out the information that would make our team more successful in diversity recruiting. The results were intriguing as we opened ourselves to identifying our own unconsciousness biases, the roadblocks we’ve faced in diversity recruiting and new tools for us to implement to make us better diversity recruiters.

As an organization, diversity recruiting is much more than an initiative or one-off situation. This is a part of our everyday DNA. Our guiding principle is that diverse teams are more productive teams and our role as recruiting partners is to provide the diverse candidates who will enhance an organization’s performance.

We’d like to thank Jennifer for contributing the free online content and continue to offer ourselves as a trusted partner within recruiting and helping to make diversity a priority to form stronger teams and better organizations.

The videos we utilized can be found here amongst Jennifer’s other resources: Diversity Recruiter Central


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