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Hiring Manager Insight Amidst the Pandemic – Featured Interview Series

Jun 2020

Marcie Glenn

We are honored to feature, Sharon Carroll, Manager, Recruiting Services at Stanford University School of Medicine. The Stanford School of Medicine continues to lead the Biomedical Revolution in Precision Health. MRIs, gene splicing and stem cell medicine were all born on the Stanford Medicine campus. Today, that same atmosphere, with even more advancements in technology, gives their team the opportunity to advance human health. The Stanford School of Medicine, “improves health through leadership, diversity and collaborative discoveries and innovation in health care, education and research.”

Sharon is an accomplished Human Resources professional, with over 20 years of experience in HR and Talent Acquisition. Sharon serves as a partner and subject matter expert on the identification, selection and integration of experienced level talent.  She has spent the last 2.5 years as at Stanford University School of Medicine. Sharon continues to be a valued partner and provides exceptional insight into the academic medical space.

Another Source has partnered with Stanford School of Medicine over the last three years and has assisted in hiring critical positions such as the Director of Finance and Administration in addition to Division Managers.

Sharon’s Responses:

What has been the most significant transition for your team during this pandemic?   
The employees who have children who are not able to work due to daycare and schools closing/online.   This is making for a very challenging and at times a stressful home environment.   Many of our employees also have spouses on the front line and now handling the pressures of running the household and managing kids alone, while trying to get work done.

Assuming you and your team are working remotely, what’s one unforeseen benefit and one unforeseen negative?  
Benefit:  Staying healthy!   The luxury of not commuting.  The access to leadership due to frequent Zoom calls.  The ability to throw a load of laundry in between Zoom calls!

Negative:  Too many Zoom calls and the over communication occurring.  Missing the interaction of working with colleagues. Overeating!

How do you see your organization changing in light of this pandemic?   
Leaders now know that working remotely we can still operate effectively and efficiently.  We will save on space. Offering more remote positions for new opportunities will broaden our candidate pools and attract talent outside of the immediate area, where it is so expensive to live.

What is your process in determining essential positions at your organization?  
We look at essential work directly related to COVID and COVID research.  We are also evaluating essential positions based on how the role is funded.

What advice would you give to applicants that are beginning an unplanned job search?   
Be patient.  Companies have a lot on their plates right now with COVID, keeping employees safe and recovering loss.  We will get through this and organizations will start to hire, but it will take time.  I still think you prepare just as if you would if there wasn’t a pandemic.  You do your homework, you make sure your experience aligns to the role you are interested in, you prepare a thoughtful cover letter and resume and you don’t bombard HR with inquiries. J

What’s a critical lesson you learned about yourself and/or about your team in the last 6 weeks? 
I adapt well to change and can roll with the punches.  I am flexible and not rigid.  I do like structure, but I am aware that I can still function and be effective without it.  As someone who leads a team, it is more challenging to lead through a time where uncertainty exists and some employees need more help navigating through crisis.  Exercising empathy is important.     I learned that I like the interaction of people on a daily basis and that human connection is important.   I learned that I miss my extended family and took them for granted.  I miss not being able to hug my parents and it makes me appreciate and love them even more.

I am enjoying Shelter in Place….. I like that there is a calm on the streets, less traffic, less noise.  I like that you see people outside on walks and people smile and wave.  I like how neighbors help each other and do care.  I like that I can sit down with my family every night for dinner and talk.  I like that my weekends aren’t packed with activities and I can just relax.  I think the adjustment going back to work will be a more challenging transition for me.

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