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Q2 2023 Update: Another Source Commitment to Dismantling Systemic Inequality in Recruiting

Dec 2023

Marcie Glenn

As we announced in June 2020, we are committed to dismantling systemic inequality in recruiting.  Part of this commitment involves quarterly updates surrounding our efforts.  Here are some updates on the initiatives we have been working on. 

As we close out 2023 and reflect on the past quarter, we continue to make strides in dismantling systemic inequality within the recruiting landscape. This journey demands constant learning, evolving practices, and unwavering commitment, and Q4 brought exciting developments on all fronts.

Deepening Internal Dialogue and Skills
Internal role-playing training, now in its fourth month, fosters honest feedback loops within our team, honing our ability to identify and address potential biases during the recruitment process.
Our newest Talent Strategists, who joined Another Source in 2023, completed their Certified Diversity Sourcing Specialist training, ensuring they’re equipped with the expertise to build diverse and inclusive candidate pools. All Talent Strategists at Another Source are now Certified Diversity Sourcing Specialists.

Weekly Huddle: A Platform for Growth
Our weekly huddles go beyond routine updates. In Q4, they became forums for enriching discussions and education, tackling crucial topics like:

  • Neurodivergence in the Workplace: Understanding and embracing diverse neurotypes like ADHD, dyslexia, and autism for a more inclusive work environment.
  • Allyship: Exploring effective ways to support and advocate for marginalized communities within and beyond the workplace.

Sharing Knowledge Beyond Our Walls
Another Source actively contributes to industry-wide dialogues on diversity and inclusion. We proudly sponsored the CUPA-HR Northern/Central California Chapter’s October meeting, featuring Dr. Lawrence Fung’s insightful presentation, “Maximizing the Power of Neurodiversity in the Workplace using a Strengths-Based Approach.” This event sparked valuable conversations among HR professionals on fostering truly inclusive workplaces.

Future Focus: Ethical AI in Recruiting
As we look ahead, we’re embracing the potential of AI in recruiting, but with a cautious eye. Q4 saw us delving into the ethical considerations surrounding AI-powered recruitment tools. We’re committed to ensuring that any such technology we utilize enhances inclusivity and combats potential biases, not perpetuates them.

The journey towards equitable and inclusive recruiting is ongoing, and at Another Source, we remain dedicated to learning, adapting, and taking concrete action. We believe that through continuous introspection, knowledge sharing, and responsible technological advancements, we can create a recruiting landscape that reflects the rich diversity of our world.


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