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Tim Talk Podcast

Aug 2023

Marcie Glenn

Who’s the hiring teams’ real competition?

Marcie Glenn, Chief Talent Strategist & CEO at Another Source, recently appeared on the podcast #TimTalk where she discussed how hiring teams should view the candidate experience and why employers should reexamine their hiring processes. 

Watch the full episode here.

About #TimTalk: #TimTalk “is a podcast for people that believe that ‘every day is a school day,’ [for] the curious and for people with a growth mindset.” Host Tim Hughes is the author of Social Selling: Techniques to Influence Buyers and Changemakers and features expert guests in sales, marketing, leadership, future of work, wellness, and tech.

Show Notes

  • How is hiring different from ten years ago?
    • The goal of hiring hasn’t changed, but how interview has
    • What about purpose and impact? Planet?
    • Two drivers
      • Different generations want different things out of the time spent working 
      • The pandemic gave us a greater awareness of how we qualify the time we spend doing things 
        • To compete, employers must help candidates qualify their time 
    • There are now 1.6 jobs for every unemployed worker 
      • Sharing your story is critical 
      • Transparency and value-driven – what do you offer? How do you offer that? Does that align with what candidates are looking for?
      • Importance of succession plan – clear path of growth

  • What are hiring managers competing with?
    • Their own lack of engagement 
      • Interviewing is like dating” is a reactive approach 
    • Need to get clear on their value proposition because candidates have more choice 
      • What are candidates looking for? 
        • How is my work relevant?
        • Am I using my gifts? 
        • Work-life balance, team, etc. 
      • We must talk about equity when we talk about hybrid 
        • How does offering hybrid to certain employees impact others who are on-site? 
        • Certain industries (e.g. retail, hospitality) are still dealing with impacts

  • How do we share our value proposition?
    • For example, financial analyst – what is it about this role makes this unique?
      • The way they collaborate? How they extract data? 
      • Is that work relevant to me? Impact on the organization? 
    • Example: Decrease in interest in Sales jobs 
      • Generally, people attracted by unlimited compensation 
        • Must align to their relevancy 
        • Narrows the pool – not for everyone

  • Realistically, Wall Street rewards short-term gains. How should we incentivize executives to think about the organization’s long-term health? 
    • At play: 
      • Population shortage 
      • Questions we pose to leaders – business case or opportunities to solve 
    • Will probably be monetary resources

  • Are our systems getting in the way of a positive candidate experience? 
    • Many younger jobseekers: “I would never apply to a website whose font is in Times New Roman.” 
    • Reexamine the application process. What could be considered a barrier to screen out candidates? 
      • Requirements such as cover letter, diversity statement
        • Professionals are typically fatigued
          • Adding things to do is disengaging 
          • How are we giving back to the candidate?
      • Are requirements being used as a weapon or a tool?
        • Less an issue on the technology side and more with the requirements 
        • How do I create conversations with top talent? (it might look different than it did in the past)

  • Retention: Do companies lack incentives for people to stay with them? 
    • Overall, companies lack overall robust succession planning
      • Employees might feel like they’re not getting something they want in their current role 
        • It’s typically not compensation!
        • Perhaps it’s leadership roles 
        • What growth opportunities are available for individual contributors?
    • Empowering employees to grow 
      • Organizational design has to shift 
      • A lot of planning is involved 

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