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Where Can I Get My HR Questions Answered?

Oct 2022

Marcie Glenn

As an HR professional, there are boundless sources of information related to our craft – but when can you find time to peruse all the articles, listen to podcasts, or find the answers you need when you’re in a pinch? Thankfully, folks in HR and People & Culture are more often than not willing to share their knowledge and expertise.  

Here is a short list of HR-specific communities and libraries to refer to.


SHRM logo

SHRM, the Society for Human Resource Management, is the largest HR network worldwide.

1. Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM)

SHRM is the largest HR network around the world and full of information ranging from talent acquisition to technology. Find how-tos, e-books, and other toolkits under the Resources section. If you have a more specific question, paid members can connect with a specialist over the phone, email, or chat. They also host a variety of live and recorded events. 

A quick note: there are local chapters that are separate from a regular SHRM membership. Access the Chapter Locator here to find the one closest to you! 


The People Geeks Slack group is moderated by Culture Amp.

The People Geeks Slack group is moderated by HR tech company Culture Amp.

2. People Geeks Community on Slack

Moderated by Culture Amp, People Geeks is a Slack group that joins HR professionals and leaders together. There are location-specific threads (e.g. Culture-First-Americas), general discussions, and events, to name but a few. You will need to submit a request to be added to the group. 

If you are looking for something more on-hands, Culture First chapters meet in various cities (currently North America). Use the Explore by region tool to find one closest to you (or, if you’re feeling adventurous, create one!).


HR Superstars app

HR Superstars was created by 15Five and features community discussions, virtual events, and podcast releases.

3. HR Superstars by 15Five 

Connect with and learn from other People Ops leaders in the mission to create a more impactful and strategic HR department. It is free to join, and you can participate in small group learning sessions, post a question on your mind, and browse by topic. A relatively newer addition to the world of HR communities, you can access HR Superstars via either the website or app. Request to join the community here. 


Mineral, formerly ThinkHR

Ask the experts! Mineral offers compliance-led guidance for your specific HR questions.

4. Mineral (previously ThinkHR) 

People are not one-size-fits-all, so neither should managing them be. Although navigating HR in an ever-shifting environment can bring its challenges, the Mineral platform offers a variety of resources to assist. First, complete an assessment to understand your company’s departmental and compliance needs. From there, search their HR Compliance Library for current policies and procedures, and/or meet with the experts for more specific questions. To learn more about their tools, visit Mineral here. 



LinkedIn groups are an excellent way to connect with People & Culture and HR professionals.

5. LinkedIn

You know it and you use it every day – LinkedIn is a behemoth in the professional networking space. Again, because HR and People & Culture professionals read like an open book, take advantage of the groups feature and extending invitations to thought leaders. If you have access to a premium subscription, LinkedIn Learning also has a bevy of personal and professional growth courses to follow at your own pace. 



The Human Resources subreddit is a more casual forum to learn from like-minded individuals.

6. Human Resources Subreddit 

Did you know HR is on Reddit? 71.6 thousand people, to be precise. The purpose of this group is to find career advice and receive feedback from other HR professionals across the globe. Posts are grouped by topics (“flair”) such as Policies & Procedures, Employee Relations, Career Development, and so forth. The beauty of this subreddit is that all posts are completely anonymous, so don’t be embarrassed to ask those pressing questions. We’re all learning! 


Another Source

In addition to sharing open positions, the Another Source blog provides insight for all things recruiting and job search-related.

7. Shameless plug: This blog! 

Another Source posts twice a week (each Monday and Thursday) on various topics: job seeker resources, trends in recruitment, best practices we are learning as a team. Stay tuned as every quarter, our CEO and Chief Talent Strategist shares an update on new knowledge or perspectives in recruiting. Access our blog anytime by visiting www.anothersource.com/blog.


Now that you know which HR communities are out there, which ones will you explore? And what other topics would you like to learn more about on the Another Source blog? Make sure to keep the conversation going by following us on our LinkedIn page, Facebook, and Twitter. 


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