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Q3 2021 Update: Create an inclusive environment for all candidates by showcasing your company’s DEI efforts

Nov 2021

Marcie Glenn

As we announced in June 2020, we are committed to dismantling systemic inequality in recruiting. Part of this commitment involves quarterly updates surrounding our efforts.   

This month, we’re sharing recommendations for how companies can showcase their inclusivity efforts to candidates. These insights come directly from our experienced team of talent strategists, developed through their daily interactions with both hiring managers and job seekers.  

Showcasing your company’s inclusivity efforts is an important part of attracting – and retaining – top talent.  

Highlight your diversity commitments publicly 

When possible, make sure that your website and social media channels include information about your diversity, equity & inclusion efforts. Include links to these pages in your email signature so that candidates can easily access this information. You can even your pronouns in your email signature, and share the pronouns of all interviewers with candidates ahead of interviews. 

Don’t be the last to bring up DEI in interviews 

A candidate shouldn’t have to ask, “tell me about your company’s DEI efforts.” Freely offer this information to all candidates. You can talk about your company’s commitments in interviews and other communications with candidates. If your team has been through DEI training or has data surrounding this topic, share that with candidates, too.  

Offer accommodations  

Reach out to candidates to see if they may need a closer parking space, a route to a conference room that doesn’t include stairs, an interview day with more breaks, or any other accommodations. Candidates with disabilities may not want to disclose this right away, but showing that your interview process is designed with all candidates in mind is a great way to create a welcoming environment. 

Create an environment where a candidate feels comfortable sharing 

Your goal is to make candidates feel as if they can share their whole self with you – if they want to. Your candidates may be coming from companies that were not accepting of their race, sexual orientation, disability, gender identity, etc. Many may be worried about repercussions from sharing their whole selves at work. It’s not your goal to get them to disclose all parts of themselves, but to create an environment where they know they will be welcomed and it will not affect their status as a prospective employee in any way. 

For additional tips on this topic, check out our tips for a more inclusive interview process. 

We welcome your thoughts and experiences. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us and start a conversation. You can message us on our Facebook or LinkedIn pages, or email us directly asara@anothersource.com. 

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